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Over the course of a year and a half, I have had the pleasure of working on 37 films, of which I have produced 9, directed 7, acted in several, gripped, and was a photographer on almost every one of them. 

In January, 2018, I began writing my first own personal film, with the help of Autumn Hartshorn, a fellow friend of mine I have gotten to know at college. In the second weekend of October we began shooting that film, titled DoodledSeeing a film that you have spent nearly an entire year in pre-production come to life before your eyes is by far one of the most impactful and emotional experiences I have had while making films. Let alone it is you're own personal one. With the help of talented and determined individuals both in the cast and in the crew we successfully filmed a romantic comedy short film in the course of days spread out in two weekends, three of which took place during the first weekend. Doodled was submitted for festivals upon completion in June 2019. In the course of 2017, I worked on 11 films, 14 in 2018, 7 in 2019, and 4 in 2020.

Films worked on since 2016

#1 Last Call (2016) Extra

#2 Island of Peace (2017) Director, Cinematographer, Editor

#3 Apple Karma (2017) Co-Director

#4 The Goatman (2017) Grip, 1st AC

#5 Documentary on Favorite Savannah Restaurants (2017) Director, Cinematographer, Editor

#6 The Painting (2017) Producer, Casting

#7 A World Without Heroes (2017) Producer

#8 Hidden Half-Blood (2017) Producer

#9 The Last Laugh Sneak Scene Recreated (2017) Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

#10 Nosferatu Relooked (2017) Photographer, Gaffer

#11 Southern Motors Savannah Acura NSX Commercial (2017) Grip

#12 Untitled Film (2018) Photographer, Grip

#13 Embedded (2018) Grip

#14 Saving V (2018) Director

#15 Danny (2018) Grip

#16 Be Like Elmer (2018) Grip, PA

#17 Denzel (2018) Sound Operator

#18 Professional Driver (2018) PA, Grip

#19 The Field (2018) 1st AC

#20 The Call of Madness (2018) 1st AC

#21 Protocol 46 Commercial (2018) Assistant Sound Operator

#22 Have A Nice Day (2018) Grip

#23 Sci-Fail (2018) Script-Supervisor

#24 The 13th (2018) Actor

#25 Don't Eat My Cereal (2018) Producer

#26 Doodled (2019) Director, Producer, Writer

#27 Love is Blind (2019) 1st AC, Script Supervisor

#28 Country Home (2019) Grip

#29 Warwick (2019) Producer

#30 Just Not Your Day (2019) Actor, Director, Writer

#31 History (2019) 1st AD, Actor

#32 Let's Put it This Way (2019) Script Supervisor, Grip

#33 A Dinner Dinner With My Ghoulfriend's Parents (2019) 1st AD, Script Sup, 1st AC

#34 The Spawn of Spathula (2020) Grip

#35 Those Who Live in Marble Houses (2020) Best Boy Grip

#36 Pitched Out! (2020) Producer, 2nd AD, Script Supervisor

#37 Submitted. (2020) Director, Producer, Writer

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