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Doodled Poster Version C 12.6.2018.png

Poster for the upcoming film, Doodled.

The Cast (Speaking)

 Andy                            Justin Smith

 Vinnie                          Emily Knoettner

 Trixie                           Alyssa Collier

 Gallery Employee      Morgaine Trahan

 Observer                     Alexander Puga

Doodled is an upcoming film Directed, Produced and Created by Teddy Brown. 

Starring Justin Smith, Emily Knoettner and Alyssa Collier

History and story behind the film

The idea of the film was first created in October 2017. Writing began in January of 2018 working with Autumn Hart, and concluded on March 9, 2018. The film was first publicly announced on March 12th. Doodled is a film that is planning on reaching film festivals throughout the country in the United States. With a public release distribution in 2019.  Doodled consisted of a cast and crew of over 20 people, ranging from fashion, to interior design, sound design, painting, and photography. Auditions took place upon completion of the script on July 31, 2018,  and the main roles were cast and finalized on August 31, 2018. Rehearsals for the official cast members took place in the second week of September. The last script revision took place on September 22, 2018. Production for Principal Photography began on October 12, 2018 and concluded on October 21, 2018. Post-production completed on June 30, 2019, and as of July it has been submitted to over 10 film festivals.


About the film

Doodled is romantic-comedy film about two out of college artists that are struggling to get their work noticed, and end up finding theirselves common ground with each other and falling for each other in the process. 

Filming location(s)

Savannah, Georgia

To follow the social media channel, we are located on Instagram @doodledthemovie , click the icon below to stay tuned to all news and information on the film. Our goal is to provide content that is meaningful and enjoyable for all audiences.

Thank you for reading about Doodled  and feel free to drop an email and let us know what you think, where you're from, and how you found out about us!


All the best,


Teddy Brown


Director, Producer, and Writer of Doodled 

Written and Directed by

Teddy Brown

Co-Written by

Autumn Hartshorn

Produced by

Teddy Brown

Nick Lewis

Angie Dahnous

Kristen Fernandez

Assistant Director

Nick Lewis

Director of Photography

Nathaniel Rinehart

Music by

Miles Kredich

Edited by

Alex Brown and Meghan Schoening

Camera Operator

Sean Murphy

Production Designer

Kat Ellig

Costume Designers

Janie Driggers and Morgaine Trahan

Sound Designers

Amanda Jewel Seay

Rachel Ferus 

Zoltan Monori

Shaquille Shoulders

Production Assistants

Arianna Canny

Emily Schumacher


Richard Roberts

Ion Kight


Alexander Puga

Storyboard Artist

Haley McCullough

Link to our Official Trailer above


(About Doodled)

Savannah, GA 31401

(Director's email address)



(Official Film Production address)

Cell: 508-654-5529

(Director's cell number)

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